About the project

The art-project Where Dreams Cross is based on the idea of trying to make film and video art more accessible and open, seeking to create new exhibit opportunities, and reaching out to people who don’t generally go to see film and video art.

Where Dreams Cross functions to make art more available to all people and to open up the often closed room that art museums and galleries represent. One of the main goals is to create a free, spontaneous, surprising, and more personal experience for the spectator. This by showing film- and video art in public spaces and unexpected locations. The project has a democratic intention, that art should be available for all, regardless of prior knowledge or cultural background.

If you want to collaborate with us write to info@wheredreamscross.com


If you want to support the project and future film screenings, you are more than welcome to make a free donation to our BG 714-9362 or swish to 073-3678960.

Where Dreams Cross is run by the nonprofit association DREAM Org no 802457-4926

Thanks to the following organizations and companies that in different ways all have supported us!