Emma Lundenmark ”Bockgränd”


The poet and filmmaker Emma Lundenmark live and work in Stockholm, where she is part of the Stockholm Surrealist Group. In 2010 she debuted with her acclaimed poetry collection ”Organica Fläktrum”. Like her poetry, her films make use of a narrative that creates wonder and awakens our imagination. Her film ”Bockgränd” “Buck Alley” (2004) tells a surreal tale of two girls trapped in a nightmarish repetition fleeing something or someone hunting them. The film is based on one of Lundenmarks dreams; she describes it herself as “a dream and a wormhole captured on film.” The film is the first in an ongoing project aiming to provide an opportunity and a place for dreams to be re-dreamt. The purpose of the project is to give more people the opportunity to experience the dreams and to demonstrate all the cinematic stories that we have within us.

photo Jarmo Raasakka