Mary-Anne Norberg ”Embrace me”

Mary-Anne Norberg is already well known across Sweden as the singer of the post-rock band The Kid. As a visual artist she works with mixed medias, from conceptual performative pieces to sculpture and drawing, and her works often have a feministic perspective. Born in Halmstad, Sweden she now lives and works in Gothenburg. She is studying at the Valand School of Visual Arts in Gothenburg where she recently received the Eina Schortz grant for her intuitive interpretations of the world around us. Mary-Anne Norberg has a background in theatre studies and together with her carrier within the music-field her artwork often is infused with vibrant choreography, experimental motions and evocative flows. In the piece ”Embrace me” (2010) she portraits the awaken of a woman’s frustration and vulnerability by using introvert manners, movements, rhythms and gestures. The film includes the soundpiece “Sudludium” by the German composer Ben Lauber.

Title: ”Embrace me”

Year: 2010 Running

Time: 2min 26sec