Mother’s Milk – Sophie Vuković

Screening under Danviksbron Sat 14 Aug 21.00! 

Mother’s Milk

Mother’s Milk is a poetic formulation of a mother-daughter relationship, where everyday considerations are interwoven with gestures that are both tender and violent to create a touching and thoughtful study of ideas about care. The film takes off in the caring femme body that is in constant motion through various types of reproductive work in a home environment. Housework, childcare – a sequence of repetitive actions and gestures that never seem to end. The title Mother’s Milk refers to what is involuntarily passed on and inherited between one generation and the next.

The film is constructed and deconstructed through fragmentations of movements and sound, which interfere with the possibility of a single, coherent narrative. Repetitions of actions resemble the nature of a rehearsal, suggesting thereby the idea of “staged domesticity” and the performative characteristics of gender roles.

(The film is distributed by Filmform) 14:03 min, Sweden, 2019.

Sophie Vuković is a filmmaker and artist based in Stockholm. Her practice is situated between documentary and fiction and has previously investigated the construction of identity, intimacy, and migration. Her films explore how personal relations and experiences are shaped and affected by social and political structures. In her short film 09:55-11: 05, Ingrid Ekman (2015) won numerous awards at film festivals around the world. Her feature film debut Shapeshifters (2017) explores migration and belonging beyond national borders in a hybrid documentary form. Shapeshifters were nominated for several awards and were received critical acclaim in connection with the Swedish cinema release in the fall of 2017. Her films have been shown at film festivals, TV, and cinemas, as well as in art exhibition contexts, for example at the Barbican Centre and at Moderna Museet in Stockholm, where she was one of the artists who participated in the Moderna Exhibition 2018. The film installation Mother’s Milk (2019) is her thesis work from the Royal Institute of Art and was awarded Bonniers Grant.