Neelu Bhuman




This stop-motion animation juxtaposes a young lesbian’s heartbreak over the recent revival of Indian Penal Code section 377, which is often cited in official condemnation and violation of queer Indians’ rights. The romantically spurned daughter wants to close herself off to the world, renouncing her queerness and hiding in fear. Her mother, through a collage of news coverage and interviews, helps her daughter find strength in the world’s anger; together at last they join the protests and take up the daughter’s dignity in their own hands, with the support of a global community. Director: Neelu Bhuman, 2014, UK, 5 min.

Neelu Bhuman is an independent filmmaker and interaction designer. Within her films, Neelu explores social and political themes as they play out in close relations. Playfully evoking insights into the workings of difference in intimacy, Neelu’s films blend viewpoints ranging from race, gender, sexuality, culture, and romance. Pushing these themes in FU377 (2014) and Love Letter/Prēma Lēkha (2015), Neelu’s films purposefully move towards abstract retellings of the problematics of identity categories and foregrounding varieties of resilience and resistance to experiences of duress – both immediate and political. FU377 (2014) has won best animation awards in New Delhi, New York City and Kolkata film festivals.


Guest screening at Winter Wonder World – Queer Edition 21 dec