Where Dreams Cross guest screening at Daytime Sessions

Where Dreams Cross will screen a film program during the summer at Daytime Sessions, Trädgården in Stockholm.  The film program is exclusively curated for the “Church” hosted by Isa Maxe, and based on the themes spirituality, magic, and time for reflection. The films starts at sunset and the screening will take place at the “Church” during Daytime Sessions May – Aug 2016. More info about the club Daytime Sessions visit: www.tradgarden.com


When I Go Out I Bleed Magic – Ingrid Torvund


The plot in Torvund new film, titled “When I Go Out I Bleed Magic”, can be seen as a continuing to the film “Magic Blood Machine” (2011). Mysteries, life, death and rebirth unfolds in three consecutive stages, played by Torvund and enhanced by handmade costumes and enchanting lo-fi effects. “When I Go Out I Bleed Magic” premiered at Kunsthall Grenland earlier this year and also includes scenes from the film The Collector, commissioned by Kunsthall Oslo i 2013.

Torvund says: “Most of the film were made in Kviteseid in Telemark where I grew up. West Telemark is known for folk music, woodcarving, adventure and ancient churches where pagan and Christian symbols are standing side by side. Dragons, angels, crosses and demons, trolls and talking animals are all represented within this tradition, and this fascinated me during childhood. I worked with Jonas Mailand during the film, who is responsible for the camera work and also helped whit the storyboard and the developing of ideas. The music is created by composer Jan Erik Mikalsen.”


20 min, 2015


Conversations between father and son – Marla Bendini


“Marla Bendini” was created in 2007 as an amalgamation between art and life, to explore multiple liminal identities and fluidity in perspectives. Her multidisciplinary approach towards this amalgamation has become a signature form of hypervisibilty, using the existing politicized body as a catalyst and vehicle for further discourse.  She seeks to both engage and disarm audiences and to bridge the present to what she envisions to be an inevitable trans/post-human condition. Marla  lives and works in Singapore.

The film ”Conversations between father and son” is part documentary; part obsequy part performance.  The artist enters into an intimate relationship – her role as a son and as a transgender individual- by creating repositories of the subconscious, as she explores the boundaries of personal risk, physical transformation and interpersonal communication. The film utilises layering of visuals influenced by Peter Greenaway, repetition and the synthesis of diegetic and non-diegetic sounds.


10.31 min, 2010


LANDLOCKED/Paddy – Christina Gangos


Christina Jane Gangos is an independent documentary filmmaker, who lived in Limerick city for 6 years and is currently based in Athens/Greece. She studied journalism and history at the American College of Greece and then went on to do a Masters in Documentary by Practice at Royal Holloway, University of London. Her films have shown at the National Portrait Gallery in London, Center Pompidou in Paris, Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, Gate Theater London, IFI Dublin and various major festivals. Her films aim to capture everyday moments and processes, inundated with the ability to disclose reality to the patient viewer. Stripping layer by layer of social representation and décor by elongating time to its normal length, her works in film are documents of bare living.

The Project LANDLOCKED is a series of individual full body portraits, in the form of a multi-video installation of people in silence. In the film “LANDLOCKED/Paddy” the boy Paddy was asked to contemplate his life for ten minutes while his stream of consciousness was filmed. His thoughts kept private, yet the camera documented the physical process; a rare chance to observe the boy who usually remains invisible. The work is deeply concerned with the human condition at large, partially lost amongst the chaos that ensued through the economic growth and meltdown. It asks people to ‘take time’ and experience the other without the frenzy of our cities. Aesthetically, LANDLOCKED/Paddy offers an almost sacred space in which we are allowed to publicly commune without shame, social coding and language.


11.03 min, 2013