Where Dreams Cross at Hilton Stockholm Slussen

Poster WDC Hilton
Monday 21 dec is the International Short Film Day and we will visit Hilton Stockholm Slussen for two exclusive screenings. The screenings will take place in 2 hotel rooms. The first one starts at 6:00 p.m. and the second at 7:30 p.m.The screenings are free of charge but registration is required, (limited seating)

To make sure to get your ticket RSVP to info@wheredreamscross.com

(inform us in the mail which screenings you want to go to 6:00 p.m. or 7:30 p.m.
Some of the tickets can be booked in advance, the rest will be available just before the screenings, in the hotel lobby.


5:00 mingle at Eken bar (special price in the bar)
5:45 Meet up in the lobby for screening 1

6:00 Screening 1, 30 min
7:15 Meet in the lobby for screening 2
7:30 Screening 2, 30 min
8:00 mingle continues in the bar

Location: Hilton Stockholm Slussen, Guldgränd 8

Take the opportunity to mingle and drink something before and after the screenings in the Hotel bar “Eken Bar”. There will be a 20% discount in the bar for all our guests. (Use the magic phrase “Where Dreams Cross” when you order)
Film Program:


Conny Karlsson Lundgren – Koncert Në Vitin 2014, (Lepurushja)

In 1978, the film Koncert në Vitin 1936 was produced within the Albanian communist system and can be interpreted as formulating a subtle critique of the system itself. The original film is inspired by the biography of the soprano Tefta Tashko-Koço (1910–1947), and a defining moment in the film is when two traveling women perform a well-known traditional love song addressed to a woman, a song made popular by Tashko-Koço in the 1930s. In Koncert në Vitin 2014 (Lepurushja), the scene is reenacted in collaboration with Lepurushja a young performer and artist from the local LGBT rights organization Aleanca and placed in the run down mausoleum Piramida. The short film investigates the song’s connotations, how existing narratives are being used and how to create a process of identification in the absence of context and discourse.

Conny Karlsson Lundgren is a visual artist based in Stockholm. He is fascinated by the ephemeral, seemingly temporary traces and moments that together form a larger context. Through film, text, image and documents he is working with an associative history writing that explores the boundaries between the social, political and private identity. www.connykarlsson.se

Title: Koncert Në Vitin 2014, (Lepurushja), 5.10 min, 2014



Ingrid Torvund – When I Go Out I Bleed Magic

The plot in Torvund new film, titled “When I Go Out I Bleed Magic”, can be seen as a continuing to the film “Magic Blood Machine” (2011). Mysteries, life, death and rebirth unfolds in three consecutive stages, played by Torvund and enhanced by handmade costumes and enchanting lo-fi effects. “When I Go Out I Bleed Magic” premiered at Kunsthall Grenland earlier this year and also includes scenes from the film The Collector, commissioned by Kunsthall Oslo i 2013.
Torvund says: “Most of the film were made in Kviteseid in Telemark where I grew up. West Telemark is known for folk music, woodcarving, adventure and ancient churches where pagan and Christian symbols are standing side by side. Dragons, angels, crosses and demons, trolls and talking animals are all represented within this tradition, and this fascinated me during childhood. I worked with Jonas Mailand during the film, who is responsible for the camera work and also helped whit the storyboard and the developing of ideas. The music is created by composer Jan Erik Mikalsen.” www.torvund.tumblr.com

Title: When I Go Out I Bleed Magic, 20 min, 2015.



Céline Trouillet – SONG N°22

Twin teenage sisters from a village in Burgundy perform “Total Eclipse of The Heart” by Bonnie Tyler. The idea of outer space represented by the term “eclipse” in the song title, is echoed by the starry backdrop and the fact that twins are to be found in the constellation of Gemini. All of which is in contrast to the inner emotional space of the heart and the intimate complicity the twins represent.

The French artist Céline Trouillet has since 1999 worked with a long series of video portraits, in which she depicts people when they perform a song that is representative of them. Trouillet creates with these close and seemingly ordinary portraits a greater story and more personal portrait.

Title: SONG N°22, 4.40 min, 2013

Voice: Amélie and Marion Aubry

Music: “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” by Bonnie Tyler


In collaboration with Hilton Stockholm Slussen and the Swedish Film Institute.