We will visit Tempo Documentary Festival for the fourth time!

WDC_Tempo_2015Photo by “Almberg & Preinitz”

Where Dreams Cross will visit Tempo Documentary Festival for the fourth time with an outdoor screenig on March 6 at 20.00. We will run the screening at Slussen in the the walking tunnel “Blå Bodarna” between Slussen and Gamla stan. The film program consists of four films that each one has a connection to the thin balance between vulnerability and strength.


Karin Ekberg – Milk
The director and artist Karin Ekberg has a degree in photography from the Dutch art academy AKI. She also has a master in journalism from Stockholm University and a master in Film from Akademin Valand. In 2014 she made her feature length debut with the documentary “A separation” which has been screened at many renowned international festivals. Karin has also produced the short film Shard (fiction), directed by Erik Lindeberg, awarded with the special price for best cinematography at Uppsala Short Film Festival 2014. Both as a director, artist and producer Karin is genuinly interested in stories told through situations or images, rather than dialogue. She is drawn to themes such as tabu and crises, and interested in what that creates a “before” and “after” in peoples lives.

The piece “Milk” was made after a long period of research for two coming documentary film projects, which from different perspectives portray the complex grief after a still born child. In “Milk” we see visual realisation of an older woman’s memory of a Christmas dinner, two weeks after she had given birth to a baby that died. Nobody said anything. It was as if nothing had happen. Only her body cried in silence.

Time: 1.25 min

Year: 2014



Céline Trouillet – SONG N°20

The French artist Céline Trouillet has since 1999 worked with a long series of video portraits, in which she depicts people when they perform a song that is representative of them. Trouillet creates with these close and seemingly ordinary portraits a greater story and more personal portrait.

The film SONG N°20 portrays a homeless Belgian man singing Bob Dylan’s “Knocking on Heavens Door” in Flemish. The song is a reference to the difficult situation which homeless people face in today’s society in Belgium and in many European countries.

Time: 3.40 min

Year: 2012

Voice: Joeri Dirkx

Music: “Knocking on heaven’s door” by Bob Dylan, version Guns ‘n Roses (instrumental)


04 Carl&Niels - Presspic

Alexander Lind – ”Carl & Niels”

Alexander Lind is a recent graduate of the Danish National Film School’s experimental multiple-camera line under the documentary programme. In “Carl & Niels”, director Lind creates symbolic spaces to visualise the painful recognition by two twins that their childhood symbiosis is irretrievably lost. Carl and Niels were inseparable twin brothers as children but in adulthood they risk losing each other. In an intimate choreography, we get to know the brothers, which leaves no subject in the siblings relationship untouched.

Year: 2013

Time 29 min



Céline Trouillet – SONG N°22

Twin teenage sisters from a village in Burgundy perform “Total Eclipse of The Heart” by Bonnie Tyler. The idea of outer space represented by the term “eclipse” in the song title, is echoed by the starry backdrop and the fact that twins are to be found in the constellation of Gemini. All of which is in contrast to the inner emotional space of the heart and the intimate complicity the twins represent.

Time: 4.40 min

Year: 2013

Voice: Amélie and Marion Aubry

Music: “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” by Bonnie Tyler