Where Dreams Cross guest screening at Visva Bharati University

Where Dreams Cross will guest Unbound Studio and their screening at Visva Bharati University, Shantineketan, Kolkata, India on 14th- 15th November. Screening by: Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, Anna Linder, Christina Gangos and Debora Elgeholm

Unbound Studio is a multi-disciplinary platform located in Pune, India. It is founded with an interest to communicate through various media of contemporary art and design. Unbound Studio is dedicated to grow as an experimental and cultural platform which explores variety of conceptual and original approaches in various genres of art, design and experimental film /video.


Daniel Steegmann Mangrané

In his work Steegmann makes use of common objects and natural materials and their associated narratives to explore the relationships between nature and culture, twist reality conventions and engage the imagination of the spectator. His work has been exhibited in many venues including Spain, Brazil, USA, France and Japan. He lives and works in Rio de Janeiro and in São Paulo, Brazil.

In Steegmann Mangrané’s film “16 mm” he addresses the limits of perception through a slow decent into a lush Brazilian rainforest. The work was captured via a camera-rig that propels itself through the device’s progression of celluloid, curtailing the film’s movement. The film plays with the footage roll used to film it as constitutive base of its form and content. The film is a almost hypnotic journey into nature.


Title: 16 mm

Year: 2008-2011

Time: 4.53



Anna Linder

The artist, curator and producer Anna Linder lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. She is active in the field of film, music and art. Since 1990 she has taken part in various cultural projects, working as a producer and manager for art shows, events and concerts. Her work has been selected for festivals and art exhibitions, in Sweden as well as abroad. Her first film, Cum pane – the one you share your bread with, has been screened at the ICA in London, The Modern Museum, The Museum of National Antiquities in Stockholm, Arsenal Experimental in Berlin and at several film festivals around the world.

In the film ”13 Related Sewing Machines” we meet director Anna Linder’s family where the sewing machine always been present. The film is the third part of a project on women’s invisible work. Linder says “A tribute to my mother, grandmother and to all the women who suffer from a constant bad conscience for not being good enough.”

13 Related Sewing Machines_Grandma Eva-1

Title: 13 Related Sewing Machines

Year: 2011

Time: 6 min



Christina Gangos

Based in Ireland and Greece, the artist and independent filmmaker Christina Gangos specializes in observational documentary. The Project LANDLOCKED is a series of individual full body portraits, in the form of a multi-video installation of people in silence. In the film “LANDLOCKED/Paddy” the boy Paddy was asked to contemplate his life for ten minutes while his stream of consciousness was filmed. His thoughts kept private, yet the camera documented the physical process; a rare chance to observe the boy who usually remains invisible.

The work is deeply concerned with the human condition at large, partially lost amongst the chaos that ensued through the economic growth and meltdown. It asks people to ‘take time’ and experience the other without the frenzy of our cities. Aesthetically, LANDLOCKED/Paddy offers an almost sacred space in which we are allowed to publicly commune without shame, social coding and language.

The film was funded by the Irish Art Council.

paddy Landlocked still 1(2013)


Year: 2013

Time: 11.03



Debora Elgeholm

The artist Debora Elgeholm mainly works with video, where she uses different kinds of narratives. During the last few years, Elgeholm has focused on religious questions. For example interpretations of the Bible and the belief in “the end of days”, and how religious thinking is created through mythogenesis and conspiracies. Elgeholm has participated in both national and international film festivals, such as Uppsala International Short Film Festival and International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. She lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

In the film ”Horizon of Events” the text consists of quotations from a range of Christian books, both old and new, on the second coming. Elgeholm wanted to examine the terminology and the visual scenes linked to the event. But the scenes portrayed in the literature also reminds us of science fiction movies where alien creatures are approaching. The title refers to the concept of Event Horizon, the boundary of a black hole where no light escapes. This is where time stops. Light and darkness are different sides of the same coin. Similarly, waiting for the second coming is ambigous. Those who think they are going to heaven are filled with eager anticipation. But those who doubt or disbelieve, feel constant anxiety of being wrong, and of the terrible consequences that would result.

The sound is composed by the musician Patrik Boman.

TheHorizon OfEvents1

Title: The Horizon of Events

Year: 2013

Time: 9.26  min