Where Dreams Cross – Extended

The Ontology of traveling 
Date: 28th of May 2014
Time: 19.30 – 23.00
Location: Rygerfjord, Söder Mälarstrand, Boat dock 14

Welcome to an evening at the ship hotel Rygerfjord:

The Ontology of travel

Welcome to an evening at the ship hotel Rygerfjord:

– 19.30 Fortune teller café

– After presage workshop with Macarena Dusant:
What is a line? Where did you go?

– 20:30 Guided tour of the boat by the owner
Lars Pousette. Who is Rygerfjord?

– 21:30 Performance by composer Mattias Sköld
Ryger live set, 15 min, 2014

– 22.00 Screening by:
Lisa Jeannin & Rolf Schuurmans
The great O, 5 min, 2012

– Johannes Langkamp
158.1, Video-loop, 4.56 min, 2012

– Melissa Dullius & Gustavo Jahn
In the traveler´s heart, 20 min, 2013

– 22.30 Concert with artist Mira Eklund
(LUX LUMEN) together with Mårten Holmberg.

– 23.00 See you in whatever moon ♥

Free of admission!

—> Special price at the bar <—

DJ-set by Tobias Barenthin Lindblad

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The Ontology of traveling 
The Ontology of Travel’s starting point is the ship hotel Rygerfjord. The project explores traveling both as a concept and as a condition. Traveling involves crossing both visible and invisible borders. It is an act which does not necessarily correspond to a physical movement from one geographical point to another. A trip can also signify a symbolic or transcendental movement, a movement of the body or the mind – dreams, memories and space.

Movements across borders include visits to other places. As visitors, we can always choose to go home, and that is where we normally return to. In other situations, a geographic crossing is not as voluntary as people are forced to flee their homelands and are greeted by sharp borders dictated by power structures. Asylum policy’s brutal methodologies contribute to yet another frontier: us and them. In Stockholm, national borders have moved tighter together and have become more visible such as the REVA project which practices immigrant control in the subway system.

The ship hotel Rygerfjord represents a temporary location. The ship is stationed between sea and air, whose flow occurs both horizontally and vertically. Rygerfjord is home to transcendental company as well as for visitors who have the privilege of moving freely in geography. She, Rygerfjord, is a body that refuses to subordinate itself to its purpose as a service vessel due to its constant mechanical failures, and acquired instead a new role as a ship hotel. Today, she is fully functional.

The program is an exploratory collaboration between art producers, artists and the multiple dimensions that surround the place. The Ontology of Travel is about exploring parts and possible features of a movement that rests on temporal and spatial distances.

The Ontology of travel is an extended part of the art film project Where Dreams Cross curated by art historian/writer Macarena Dusant and film curator Åsa Segerstedt Falewicz.


Mattias Sköld is a composer and performer based in Stockholm, Sweden. As an active artist in the experimental music scene he combines ideas and structures of pop and contemporary classical music with noise, drones, feedback and glitch components to create a multi-layered, rhythm oriented music filled with energy.
Ryger live set is a live performance of electronic music based on a combination of synthetic sounds and sounds of the sea. The music combines traditional rhythm and harmony with noise and sound textures.
The piece is produced specially for the evening.
Ryger live set, 15 min, 2014

Mira Eklund (LUX LUMEN) is an artist, songwriter and sound designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. She is educated at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and is inspired by the essence in music and its relation to memory and reality. Mira Eklund is all about the perception of the sound, memory, artificial intelligence, virtual objects, time and space, science,
communication and the present.

Lisa Jeannin & Rolf Schuurman’s work consists out of drawings, sculptures, animations installations and sound. They fuse reality and art experience in a series of disconcerting imaginative modulations. All elements are equal. Every element performs on its own level and empathizes with its part in creating a magic game in which they’re given life. […] Often there are films within the films. Several layers of presence characterize their pieces. They want to find that, which cannot be expressed with the language, that which is beyond our consciousness. Lisa and Rolf often work with symbols as these allows you to cross borders into the unconscious mind and give the viewer a possibility to discover things they normally don’t see or feel. In the cracks of reality, the hidden, the indescribable, is where the mystery happens. Text from the artists webbpage written by Leif Holmstrand.
The great O, 5 min, 2012

Johannes Langkamp is a new media artist based in Rotterdam. He carries out ongoing, playful research into video as a medium. Inspired by the everyday, he makes many short fragments of video using simple means, giving them a raw and sketchy style. The film 158.12 is a staged situation, which explores the mechanics of composition. A twirling lamp moves around a flat image (display) and seems to merge with its running content. The film is one of many videosketches made in 2012. The titles are generated by the date of origination of each work; the 06.06.2012 was the 158th day of 2012.
158.12, Video-loop, 4.56 min, 2012

Melissa Dullius & Gustavo Jahn is a Brazilian artist-duo, living and working in Berlin. Their works have been shown on various exhibition-spaces all over the world, such as the film festival Berlinale in Berlin; the international film festival in Moscow; the New Museum in New York City and the São Paulo International Film Festival.
“In the traveler´s heart” sets off Nida, a small Lithuanian village by the Baltic Sea. Winter reigns as The traveler crosses by feet an ancient landscape. In this place there’s also another presence, someone who’s very similar to The Traveler. Does The traveler realize this figure that cohabits the same space as him? Is the other a guardian angel or a devil?
In the traveler´s heart, 20 min, 2013

Thanks to: Lars & Annika Pousette, the artists, the lovely staff at Rygerfjord, the foretellers, Nina Noreskär, Herr Tängman, Tobias Barenthin Lindblad, Natalia Dusant, Anna Zurowski, cultural magazine Glänta and the new moon that will keep us company on May 28th.