Tim Travers Hawkins

Invisible Picture Show

Tim Travers Hawkins is a filmmaker and screenwriter. Working with creative and interactive documentaries. His films have won international awards, he is currently based in London.The film ”Invisible Picture Show” is a interactive documentary featuring voices of children in immigration detention centers around the world. The voice recordings were made by director Tim Travers Hawkins who, over a period of a year, worked with the End Detention Campaign, human rights organizations, grassroots groups, lawyers and social workers around the world to gain rare access. The children’s testimony exposes worlds of uncertainty, physical abuse, psychological trauma, loneliness and rage.

Title: Invisible Picture Show

Time: 10.23 min

Year: 2013

Producer: Andy Noble

Creative Technologist: Robert Sargent

Concept Designer: Laura Jean Sargent

3D Design/Animation: Duncan Brown

Animators: Nandita Jain, Cinema Lloobia, Alex Smith, Blinkin Lab and Duncan Brown

Go to www.invisiblepictureshow.com to explore the project.

Screening #19