Oscar Lara

”100 years”

(b. Lima 1977)

Peruvian artist based in Sweden, started his career in Lima, continuing it in Australia. Awarded a Master of Creative Arts from the University of Wollongong, Oscar has exhibited internationally, collaborating with institutions such as Roda Sten Gallery, Can Serrat Art Center, Valand School of Fine Arts, Casamarles AIR, Centro Rural de Arte de Argentina and Fabrikken for Kunst og Design. His artistic practice explores subjects such as social and ethnic diversity, immigration and integration and depredation/trafficking of cultural heritage. Oscar’s latest projects have involved sculpture and video installations, video-documentaries, performance and social development projects. Oscar lives and works in Stockholm and Lima and is currently working in his last project ”Within Heritage Movements” with the support of the Royal Institute of Art – Sweden, Innovative Kultur and the Museum of World Culture.

The film ”100 years” is a collaboration with NGO The Trampoline House and The Factory of Art and Design, Denmark. In Denmark, there are over 4000 asylum seekers living in camps which are mainly, old military bases enabled for hosting up to a number of six people per four by four meters rooms, in most of the cases. This film is a time counting taken from different individuals who live in these camps. Footage taken from the red cross centres: Sandholm, Auderød och Avnstrup.

Title: 100 years

Time: 5.35 min

Year: 2012


Screening #19