Tobias Bernstrup & Johan Wik “DESTRUCTION”

Tobias Bernstrup – Foto – Johan Wik

The music-performance video DESTRUCTION is a collaboration between artist / musician Tobias Bernstrup and the video artist / filmmaker Johan Wik. In their collaboration Bernstrup’s science fiction inspired androgynous stage persona collide with Johan Wik’s strong imagery influenced by action-films violence and effects.

Tobias Bernstrup (1970) is one of Sweden’s most important performance and new media-based artists who have been internationally active for more than a decade. He has created his own unmistakable performance persona in elaborate costumes in glossy latex and makeup. By re-medialisation he addresses issues of identity and gender, and the blurred line between the virtual and the real. Over the years, Tobias Bernstrup works have been shown in most number of major institutions, museums and galleries worldwide. Among other: Palais de Tokyo, Basel Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Biennale de Lyon, Busan Biennale, Cairo Biennale, Shanghai Duolun MoMA, North Miami MoCA, MASS MoCA, Gothenburg Art Museum, Tate Modern, The Kitchen in New York City, Color Factory and Museum of Modern Art. As a musician Tobias has released five albums and about 10 singles, including the album ‘Re-Animate Me’ in collaboration with Färgfabriken 2002. In July Tobias Bernstrup released the new vinyl EP ‘Destruction’ on the Dutch label Gooiland Electro / Enfant Terrible.

Johan Wik (1975) trained at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm and has been recognized for his extremely technically driven video works in which he examines violence facade and masculinity stereotypes. He was awarded the Gerhard and Peggy Bonnier scholarship for his work Untitled (2011) where he by the use of sharp slow motion sequences portray men who fight with their fists. Between the battles, there is a meditative silence, a pause and a breathing space for the viewer. Beautifully lit and filmed in slow motion the men’s graceful movements stand as a sharp contrast to the violence they are involved in. Untitled forces us to think about the male role and the growing urge for violent scenes in popular culture. Johan Wik’s work has been exhibited at Photographic Museum, Royal Academy of Art, Museum of Modern Art and Conceptual Art Centre Bukovje, Slovenia.


Photo, directed by John Wik

Text, music and performance of Bernstrup

Year: 2013

Time: 4:25 min

Where Dreams Cross #16