Rossina Bossio “The Holy Beauty Project Volume 3″

Rossina Bossio is a multimedia artist born in Bogota, Colombia. She studied at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in her hometown and at L’École des Beaux-Arts in Rennes, France. Bossio’s work is a subtle refusal to adapt to the real world. Through figurative images, static or moving, two-dimensional or three-dimensional, the artist always tries to write her own history, and thereby rebuild the world in her own terms. Words like ambiguity, uncertainty and contradictions can describe her work.

In 2010 she began a longer series of works called “The Holy Beauty Project” (THBP). With painting, video and performance art THBP is exploring the seductive power and strong influence images of both religious and pop-iconographic elements have on our identity, social norms and ideals of beauty. The film “The Holy Beauty Project Volume 3” is the third and final film in the series, and it also questions the boundaries between what is considered masculine and feminine, Latin American and European antique and contemporary.

Title: The Holy Beauty Project Volume 3

Year: 2013

Time: 6:32 min

Where Dreams Cross #16