Tanya Byrne ”Tracy Martin – Hypno Tower”


Tanya Byrne works as a visual and sound artist in Stockholm, Berlin and Paris, and has shown her work in many places for example Madrid, Copenhagen, Malmö and Gothenburg. She was behind the popular art and performance art club “Dead muse” in Paris in 2010, where she created the sound and projections. Since 2007 she is one half of the critically acclaimed audiovisual project Ectoplasm Girls, which uses suggestive sounds and video art to explore death and dreamy landscapes. Tanya is currently working on her solo project Hypno Tower released on IDEAL recordings.

The film ”Tracy Martin – Hypno Tower” describes the feeling of being on the brink of madness and the mechanisms that prevent one from going under. With a suggestive and blurred imagery Tanya creates a spooky story where the viewer almost get locked in a nightmarish  hypnosis.


Title: Tracy Martin- Hypno Tower

Time: 10 min

Year: 2013


Where Dreams Cross #15