Isabel Rocamora “Body of War”


Isabel Rocamora is a British-Spanish artist filmmaker whose work considers the performative language of human gesture and its relationship to individual and cultural identity. In recent practice, her interest in the ontology of authority has lead to mise-en-scènes exploring themes such as: the exile of the self, our existential attachment to land and landscape and the intimacy of violence. Isabel trained in film and performance at Bristol University, U.K and in cinematography at Maine Workshops U.S. Winner of several international awards, such as IMZ Award – the Hague and DCW Media Honor – Los Angeles.

The film “Body of War” reflects on how a man becomes a soldier through the relentless repetition of acts of violence. What happens to the psyche as it learns to transgress social principles and integrates the willingness to kill? A poetic observation of the momentary collapse of the heroic, the piece stages the pathos of military strategy by using documented staging as a form of discourse. In this way “Body of War” is as much an ode to the human inside of the soldier as a questioning of military structures.


Title: Body of War

Time: 20 min

Year: 2010

Where Dreams Cross #15