Paula Urbano

Foto: Paula Urbano

The artist Paula Urbano examines in her work intersectional issues and duality. The fact that she has been brought up in two cultures and speaks two languages simultaneously has created the sensation of not belonging to any of them. She questions the truth in terms as etnecity, gender, sexuality and class by displacing the components to include the problem of perception and representation. She lives and works in Stockholm. Her work has previously been exhibited in Oberhausen, Buenos Aires, Miami, Santiago among others places.

In the film ”Life as a Lie” Paula explores the experience of a young Argentinean woman, Maria Eugenia, attempt to navigate the diverse narratives about her adoption that were told to her after her parents had disappeared. During 1976-1983, 30 000 people went missing as a tactic to eliminate political resistance to the Argentinean state. While growing up with a foster family, Maria Eugenia was told radically different stories about her past, the identities, lives and deaths of her parents as well as the reason why she grew up without them. In the film fiction and fact are presented alongside each other, creating a fractured psychological portrait of Maria Eugenia.

Paula Urbano, Sweden

Title: Life as a Lie

Time: 9.18 min

Year: 2012

Where Dreams Cross #13