Björn Perborg – Money and the Video Artist

Foto: Claudia del Fierro

Mixed media artist Björn Perborg often works concept based with everything from sculpture, film, performance to installation and painting. 2003 he took his MFA in Fine Art at Valand School of Fine Arts in Gothenburg. He is currently living and working on the island of Orust, on the west cost of Sweden. Bjorn’s work has been exhibited in Germany, Greece, Spain, Russia, Ukraine and India.

His film ”Money and the Video Artist” is both melancholic and humorous. We get to follow an artist from a financial perspective. He gives us an entertaining and informative insight in the artist’s everyday life, a sharp criticism of a society that prioritized away the art. In a personal and educational way Björn’s collage documentary sort out how to go about making money as an artist. Among other things, we get to learn that an artist needs to sell art for 1.5 million a year to make an average Swedish salary. A large number of prejudices are punctured when we are taken behind the scenes of the art production.

Björn Perborg, Sweden

Title: Money and the Video Artist (Swedish voice-over)

Time: 14 min

Year: 2012

Where Dreams Cross #13