Marissa Viani Serrano – Lunaticus

The artist Marissa Viani Serrano uses video art to create poetic experiences in the free manipulation of time and space. She studied philosophy and film in Mexico and Germany (HFF Munich) Her work has been shown in a lot of festivals and in galleries around the world, among others Greece, Syria, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Morocco, Chile, USA, Australia, China, India, Japan and South Corea.

“Lunaticus” explores the concept of the “divine disease” with the technical and formal resources of digital video and experimental film. In the Middle ages, the “divine disease” was known as a form of neurological or psychiatric disorder and took its name from certain symptoms that the patients suffered in a state of crisis. These symptoms were associated with involuntary body movement, heightened sensitivity and clarity of thought. Together they caused a state of altered reality in the perception of the patient that led him into a mystical or divine experience. Lunaticus focuses on recreating this type of sacred approach with a stylized montage of original and processed images and sounds.

Marissa Viani Serrano, Mexico

Title: Lunaticus

Time: 2.30 min

Year: 2012

Where Dreams Cross #13