Emeka Ogboh – Loco-Metta

The Lagos based artist Emeka Ogboh works primarily with sound in exploring ways of understanding cities as cosmopolitan spaces, in particular his hometown Lagos, Nigeria. As a metropolis ultimately influenced by universal globalization processes, Lagos is a mixture of new and old, modern and archaic, first and third world. With an archival intent, he has recorded sound at sites that exist in the tension of the above places. Emeka has had several appreciated exhibitions including USA, Japan, Finland, Germany, Denmark and Spain. He’s the co-founder of the Video Art Network Lagos, a member of the African Centre.

“Loco-Metta” is kind of a time-based abstract painting of transforming landscapes exploring the multiplexed nature of Lagos. The video explores the mega city through explaning how it is understood and consumed, and by inventing a new visual landscape that gives an insight to the socio-cultural topography of the city. This is achieved through replicating ordinary Lagos scenarios to create an audiovisual narrative of the chaotic city.

Emeka Ogboh, Nigeria

Title: Loco-Metta

Time: 4.15 min

Year: 2012

Where Dreams Cross #13