Ingrid Torvund – Magic Blood Machine

The artist Ingrid Torvund just finished her bachelor at the art academy i Oslo, where she lives and work. Ingrid has been working on the “Magic blood machine” project for three years, done in a collaboration with Jonas Mailand. Most of the filming took place in Kviteseid in Vest Telemark Norway, where Ingrid grew up. Vest-Telemark is known for the folklore and storytelling where pagan and christian symbols exist side by side. Dragons, angels, crosses, demons, troll and talking animals are all present in this tradition and the mixture has intrigued her while growing up.

In the film “Magic blood machine” we get introduced to a mystified and fairytale universe based on this mixture. 
During a series of tableaux, we follow several dragon like animal characters in a deserted forest. They are trying to revive a teddy bear-like god figure, by reconstructing his body. In this mythological and peculiar play that has no direct dialogue or narrative we get to experience mysterious rituals, grief, and time travel.

Title: Magic Blood Machine

Year: 2012

Time: 22 min

Where Dreams Cross #14 (Festival Miden Kalamata)