Victoria Skogsberg – Room Study (Possession)

The artist Victoria Skogsberg is interested in the psychology of space and the human experience of environments, whether that is spatial, emotional or intellectual. In her recent works she has used the appearance and disappearance of the human figure in video works and installations, to suggest presence in the space. Through examining ideas associated with the psychical and belief, science and experience, her intention is to challenge the viewer’s comprehension of the world and concepts of reality, by looking beyond the ordinary.

Victoria lives and works in Stockholm where she took her MA at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts this spring. The film “Room Study” (Possession) shows still shots of a bedroom, focusing on the bed as if someone would be laying there. The camera pans to the window as if we are waiting for someone to arrive. Victoria explores in a way the room’s essence in a subtle and somewhat spooky way. As so often in her films an uncanny feeling is created which alludes to the viewer’s own associations and feelings.


Victoria Skogsberg, Sweden

Title: Room Study (Possession)

Year: 2013

Time: 3 min 10 sec

Where Dreams Cross #14 (Festival Miden Kalamata)