Clara Bodén – Driving under the influence of

The director and cinematographer Clara Bodén works in the intersection of “classic” film and art film. She lives and works in both Östersund and Oslo. She studied digital cinematograpy at the Film School, University of Gothenburg and has a BA in scriptwriting from the University of Umeå. Together with the Norwegian film director Marike Halle she runs the film collective “Vapen och Dramatik”. Bodéns film “Driving under the influence of” is a visual experiment where dance meets childhood memories in a deserted landscape. The film shows the sparsely populated areas often hard and difficult conditions. The film was shot 200 km north of the Arctic Circle in -28 degrees. Having a party is not the easiest. The film creates a humorous and beautiful portrait of the fairytale landscape and everyday life in the north.

Title: “Driving under the influence of”

Year: 2009

Time: 7 min 30 sec

Where Dreams Cross #14 (Festival Miden Kalamata)