Where Dreams Cross #13

We are excited to announce that our first screening for the summer will take place at Skarpnäcks kulturhus on Saturday June 8. We will run the screening as soon as the sun starts to set, about 22.30. Most welcome!


Emeka Ogboh, Nigeria


Time: 4.15 min

Year: 2012

Paula Urbano, Sweden

”Life as a Lie”

Time: 9.18 min

Year: 2012

Marissa Viani Serrano, Mexico


Time: 2.30 min

Year: 2012

Björn Perborg, Sweden

Title:”Money and the Video Artist” (Swedish voice-over)

Time: 14 min

Year: 2012


Where: Skarpnäcks Kulturhus, Skarpnäcks allé 25, Stockholm

Date: June 8

Time: 22:00

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Skarpnäcks Kulturhus

With support from Stockholm Stad and in collaboration with Skarpnäcks kulturhus.